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SMK Philosophy

SMK Philosophy

SMK is committed to the advancement of mankind through development of the information society,
by integrating its current technological strengths and creating advanced technology.

Action Guidelines

  1. 1. Contribute to society with pride and confidence.
  2. 2. Be customer-oriented, with zeal and sincerity.
  3. 3. Challenge courageously for higher goals without fear of failure.
  4. 4. Trust and respect each other for a brighter working atmosphere.
  5. 5. Keep an open mind, and view SMK from a global perspective.

SMK Group Charter for Corporate Behavior

SMK Group, in addition to being an economic entity engaged in the creation of added value through fair competition, must be useful to society as a whole.
For this reason, SMK Group will adhere to the following ten principles; respect human rights and follow the letter and spirit of all laws, whether domestic or foreign, and of international rules, and behave in a socially responsible manner.

  1. 1. For customer confidence, we will develop and provide superior goods in terms of quality, cost,
        and safety through our accumulated advanced technology.
  2. 2. To be understood/supported by stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and
        shareholders, we will engage in fair, transparent, and free competition,
        under the spirit of independence, self-help, and self-regulation.
  3. 3. We will promote communication with society, by fairly disclosing corporate information,
        as an open enterprise in the advanced information network age.
  4. 4. We will take independent and positive action, fully recognizing the necessity of environment
  5. 5. We will strive to make it possible for employees to lead pleasant and enriched lives,
        by guaranteeing a comfortable and safe work environment and respecting
        our employees' dignity and individuality.
  6. 6. We will actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
  7. 7. We will stand firm against anti-social forces and organizations that threaten the order
        and security of civil society.
  8. 8. In overseas operations, we will comply with the laws and regulations of the countries
        and regions, respect human rights and other international norms, and manage
        ourselves in a manner that contributes to local development.
  9. 9. To make the spirit of the Charter a reality, top executives will always listen to the voices
        within and outside SMK, take the lead in raising awareness of the Charter
        among all relevant Group members and to bring corporate systems into line with it, and
        endeavor to cultivate corporate ethics.
  10. 10. When the Charter is violated, top executives will take the initiative in resolving the problem,
        endeavoring to clarify its causes and prevent its recurrence, and take the necessary action.
        This includes precise explanation to the society and punishment for responsible persons,
        including themselves.

SMK Group Code of Conduct

 * Only the title of each article of the SMK Group Code of Conduct is published on this page.


The SMK Group Code of Conduct sets forth the basic internal regulations to be observed by all officers and employees of SMK Group. SMK Group commits itself to be bound by this Code and at the same time requests all officers and employees of the company to understand and comply with this Code.

President, CEO and COO, Yasumitsu Ikeda

1.General provision
   1) Purpose of this Code
   2) Scope of Application

2.Human Rights and Labor
   3) Prohibition of Forced Labor
   4) Prohibition of Child Labor
   5) Respect for Human Rights
   6) Prohibition of Discriminations
   7) Compliance with Employment Regulations
   8) Working Hours and Wage
   9) Freedom of Association

3.Health and Safety
   10) Safety Measures of Machineries
   11) Health and Safety in the Workplace
   12) Emergency Measures
   13) Considerations for Physically Burdensome Work
   14) Health and Safety in the Facilities
   15) Health Management

   16) Environmental Permits and Reports
   17) Minimization of Environmental Impact (drainage, sludge, exhaust, etc.) and Preservation of
         Water Resources and Biodiversity, etc.
   18) Reduction in Emission of Greenhouse Gasses and Final Waste
   19) Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products
   20) Environmental Protection Activities

5. Fair Trade and Ethics
   21) Compliance with Laws
   22) Establishment of Customer Confidence
   23) Fair Advertising and Public Relations
   24) Free and Fair Competition
   25) Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
   26) Fair Transactions with Suppliers of Materials and Services
   27) Entertainment and Gifts
   28) Improper Profit
   29) Donations and Limit of Political Donations
   30) Stand against Antisocial Forces
   31) Compliance with Laws Concerning Import and Export
   32) Disclosure of Management Information
   33) Prohibition of Insider Trading
   34) Appropriate Accounting Procedure
   35) Prohibition of Private Activity
   36) Appropriate Use of Corporate Assets

6. Quality and Safety
   37) Product Safety and Quality Assurance

7. Information Control
   38) Control of Trade Secret and Company Secret
   39) Information Security
   40) Protection of Personal Information

8. Social Contribution
   41) Social Contribution

9. SMK Ethics Helpline
   42) SMK Ethics Helpline

10. Supplementary Provision
   43) Reference
   44) Improvement or Amendment of this Code of Conduct
   45) Penalty
   46) Submission of Pledge Card
   47) Enforcement