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Presenter mouse, Transformable BeetleTM, model VP6770, developed

We are pleased to announce the development of Transformable BeetleTM, model VP6770, a combination of a wireless mouse and presentation remote control for commencement of marketing in December. Specifics are outlined below.


Wireless mouses have excellent portability and usability but with an increase in the number of operation buttons, their arrangement makes it difficult to use them easily.  The resulting mechanical design was remote from anything that may be cited as bearing usability.


This product has been configured not only to be fit for hands but presentation remote control buttons are laid under the sliding cover of the top case to improve portability and operability.  In addition, the opening and closing motion of the sliding cover will automatically switch the remote control’s modes between wireless mouse and presentation remote control functions, making this product very conveniently usable.  Furthermore, the addition of a laser pointer will make this product a more effective tool for good presentations.


We plan to distribute this product primarily through the following channels:

* Via mail order houses and Internet outlets handling stationery and PC peripherals, and retail outlets such as mass merchandisers of electrical goods

Date Released Nov. 13, 2008
Press Release No. 841fc
Product Name Transformable BeetleTM, model VP6770
  • 1) Switching of two modes of wireless mouse and presentation remote control is as simple as opening or closing the sliding cover of the top case.
  • 2)A laser pointer is featured.
  • 3) Batteries can be charged via a USB port.
  • 4) No driver software needs to be installed.  Connection of a receiver to a USB port makes this product ready for use.
  • 5) The receiver can be housed in the body for ease in carrying.
Major Specifications
Communication System RF system
Frequency Band  2.4 GHz 
Communication Distance  10 m 
Mouse System  Optical, 800 dpi 
Main Body Size  59 mm X 101 mm X 39 mm (mouse mode) 
Main Body Weight  101g, approx. (including batteries) 
Power Source  Two rechargeable nickel hydride batteries 
Compatible OSs  Windows 2000, XP and Vista 
Accessories  USB receiver, USB recharging cable, soft case, etc. 
Market Introduction Dec. 2008 
Planned sales quantity 1,000 units/month 
Inquiry * Please contact the Information Technology Market Department Sec. 3, Sales Division
Tel : 81-3-3785-1237