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Aug. 26, 2008
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Entrance on ground floor of SMK Head Office building refurbished

We are pleased to announce the refurbishment of the entrance on the ground floor of the Head Office building (at 5-5, Togoshi 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). The refurbishment covers the lobby, reception rooms, meeting rooms and showroom.

The keyword of our refurbishment is our corporate slogan, "Creating an Exciting Future." The new interior design is intended to draw our visitors' attention to the corporate image of SMK as a company that looks towards the future, by seeking to coexist with the global environment.

The showroom where our products are exhibited features ample demonstrative displays to allow visitors to gain deeper understanding of SMK by not only viewing our products but also touching them. 

[Brief overview of the refurbishment]


Refurbished locations:

Lobby, reception rooms, meeting rooms and showroom on the ground floor
2. New features
1) Entire floor:

An image of fullness of light and spaciousness is the common notion.

2) Showroom:

Demonstrative displays of products which use visible light communication technologies unique to SMK, and introduction of SMK on a monitor by using touch panels.
3) Meeting rooms:

With coexistence with the global environment as the base concept, three meeting rooms are designed with an image of either the sun, greenery or water.
4) Reception rooms:

Each of three reception rooms is designed to symbolize either SMK's past, present or future.

Refurbishment of Entrance Lobby of SMK Head Office (PDF)

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